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1989 Porsche 930 Turbo S with G50/50 five speed transmission


Chassis #WP0JB0935KS050556

Engine #68K01094 (Type M93/68)

Private Collection


One of 517 K Series 1989 Porsche 930 Turbos Coupes delivered to North America.


One of 36 delivered to Canada.


VIN WPOJB0935KS050556

ENGINE Number 68K01094 Type 930/68





285 bhp at 5,500 rpm, 3,299 cc, 7.01 compression, horizontally opposed turbocharged and intercooled six-cylinder engine, LE-Jetronic fuel injection, five-speed manual G50 transamission, four wheel independent suspension and four wheel disc brakes.



Porsche’s initial work with turbocharging their racing cars during the late 1960’s led to development of a turbocharged street version of the 911. While initially required to comply with homologation regulations, development continued when the rules changed. The new car was repositioned as a fully equipped model to lead the 911 series and compete directly with the costlier and more exotic vehicles from Ferrari and Lamborghini.


Ernst Fuhrmann led sevelopment, adapting the technology developed for the 917/30 Can-Am car to the 3.- liter flat six from the Carrera RS 3.0. Suspension refinements, larger brakes and a strengthened four speed gear box rounded out the package. A functional “whlae-tail” rear spoiler increased cooling airflow and provided rear downforce. Wider rear eheels snd upgraded tires resided within flared wheel wells, increasing grip and stability at speed.


Simply known as the “Turbo”, the new vehicle was released in the spring of 1975, with export to the U.S> commencing in 1976. In 1978, power output reached 300 h.p. with a displacement increase to 3.3 liters and the addition of an air to air intercooler. Porsche’s continuous development included slight revisions to the rear spoiler to accommodate the intercooler. Braking was significantly upgraded, with units similar to those of the 917 racecar. Porsche’s careful development also ensured that the 930 was a sond base for racing vehicles and led to the successful 934 and 935 racing cars.



This Guards Red car with black leather sports seats left the factory on the 25th of April, 1989. Delivered to Toronto, Ontario Canada with a Blaupunkt Reno, Limited Slip Differential, Shorter Gear Shift Lever, Electric Sunroof, Sport Seats with electric height adjustment and Canadian emissions equipment.


With 53,000 original Kilometers this all-original vehicle has all original paint and an interior in stunning original condition.



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